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Delivery Men

Final Mile.

The Most Important Mile. 

The Final Mile is the most important mile because it is the last interaction before the consignee utilizes your product.

Learn how NVC can help improve the most important portion of the supply chain for you. 

Reliability + Efficiency + Responsiveness

FROM THE BEGINNING, family has been and still is the foundation of NVC Logistics Group; everyone in the supply chain notices the difference. We have learned from first-hand experience, continuous research, and relentless innovation with the forever changing and growing industry. For over 40 years, we have come to specialize in white glove delivery services nationwide, with the ability to offer low rates because we have mastered "behind-the-scenes" of logistics.

Here at NVC, we understand that every company is different- this is why we customize rates to each. We analyze each company, research the industry from that standpoint, and coordinate with each of our 6 departments, to offer a seamless transition here. With learning the business from your perspective, we are capable to effectively analyze past information on sales to be able to determine what future sales are projected to look like. This gives us an idea of where majority of shipments are ordered from, your best-sellers, most returned, etc. - with this your customized rate is determined. Over time, we provide reviews periodically to ensure that the rates are up to par with the demand of your company.

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