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NVC's IT department is the true powerhouse to our success in our technology capabilities because they have created the integral building blocks our clients need to bolster their companies. They have built proprietary database management systems and software tools, providing us with cutting-edge technology unlike any other. Over the years our IT department has improved, expanded and innovated with the industry through constant research, analysis and development. We handle sensitive information - we take privacy seriously - so having built our own WMS and TMS software's allows us to ensure security and privacy to all.

NVC's IT department has strategically built our databases internal infrastructure to contribute to the flexibility needed in meeting each of our client differences. Our staff of expert developers and analysts create IT solutions to access, integrate and manage data easily and cost effectively. Based on practical, ongoing implementations in your company, we can customize a solution to meet all of your transportation needs.


will  have a constant free-flowing communication with our Sr. Manager of Software Development, to make ensure your systems are always at par with the businesses production. 

When on-boarded, you are linked to, which is our real-time online tracking system - both web and mobile app friendly- that provides the pertinent information you need to make informed decisions daily.

With a simple user interface and capabilities to be customized, each client has the freedom to integrate with their current systems or start fresh with ours. It streamlines tracking and management for all shipments- fully equipping you to run your business seamlessly.


are provided an order number, NVC Pro, or BOL for their package.

 With the package number and the delivering zip code, they will have access to NVC's tracking portal.


The tracking portal displays a complete invoice of the shipment: from the product description, tracking stages, to the current status - they will have full visibility from when we receive their product, to the time it is at their doorstep.

To ensure real-time tracking, each department has access to the portal to make updates. From warehousing, customer service reps, the scheduling department, the delivery teams, to you. Warehousing provides updates on when the shipment has arrived on dock, customer service reps make any necessary updates from conversations with the consignee, the scheduling department indicates their availability to accept delivery, the truck drivers clock in and out of every delivery to provide an accurate location, and you can review, update, and add new orders. 

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