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About Us

Founded in 1977, NVC Logistics Group has delivered the highest level of service in the logistics and distribution industry across the US. Our focus on customer satisfaction creates a seamless process for all of our clients needs and expectations. We work with customers, large or small, providing customized services and solutions for your business.


We are an asset based logistics company that has handled millions of home and business transactions for OEMs, distributors, retailers, and E-commerce companies. Our client list includes Tempur+Sealy, Sony, LG, Samsung, SHARP, and Community Playthings. 

Our geographical advantages are: 

  • Locations in the nation’s largest markets 

    • Comprehensive services in warehousing and distribution serving the Northeast and Southwest US.

    • Expertise delivering to New York Metro and California cities

  • Extensive vetted network of agents and delivery partners across the US including Hawaii and Alaska

When you partner with NVC, you can expect results that include:

  • Best-in-Class Service

  • 43+ Years Experience

  • Flexible, Customized Solutions

  • Increased Customer Satisfaction

  • Fewer Service Issues

  • Experienced Professionals

  • An Enhanced Marketplace Image

  • Supply Chain Optimization

  • Improved Efficiency 

  • Nationwide Coverage

  • Online Management/Tracking

  • Personalized Service

We've built our reputation on providing quality logistics and transportation solutions. Reliability, Efficiency, and Responsiveness come with knowing you are partnering with NVC Logistics Group. 

Affiliations & Associations


NVC Logistics Group and our employees are proud to have memberships and participate in several associations serving the transportation industry.

NVC Logistics Affliations and Associations:

  • Smartway Member, an EPA collaboration for energy efficiency

  • Member of the Reverse Logistics Association

  • Supplier Member of the International Sleep Product Association

  • Member of the National Electronics Service Dealers Association

  • Member of the National Motor Frieght Classification Association

Other memberships include and participations include:


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