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Warranty Exchange & Returns

Solutions in Warranty Exchange & Returns


The effective return or exchange of product can mean reduced costs, increased cash flows and improved customer satisfaction. With over 20 years of experience, it has grown to be a major part of our business. 

NVC understands the challenges of this highly sensitive area: entering a home or office, interacting with your customer, acting as an extension of your service department, delivering the new unit and/or efficiently transporting the returned product. 

Service can include:

  • White Glove pick-up & delivery

  • Serial Number Capture/Scan

  • Trained field exchange specialists

  • Pre-scheduled pick-up/delivery window

  • Dismount/disconnect & remove unit

  • Re-pack old unit with new unit packaging

  • Place new unit in room-of-choice

  • Connect new unit

  • Remove all debris

  • Return to authorized location or NVC

  • Field Scrap/De-Commission

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Benefits of NVC's Warranty Exchange Services

  • Consignee Satisfaction

  • Flexibility and Speed

  • Improved Efficiency

  • Positive Impression

  • Single-Source Returns Management

  • Reduced Paperwork/Workflow

At NVC, thinking in reverse can move you forward.

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