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myNVC Tools & Features

Automated Email Notifications

Our software will send automated email notifications to clients when inventory in a specific location is running low, or when the shipment has been received at the local warehouse to schedule delivery.

Customers will also receive an automated emails when they purchase a product. The email contains the product description, where they can contact to set a delivery time and an option to upgrade their service level with no liability to our clients.

Shipment Tracking

Our online shipment management tool,, is designed to provide you with the detailed tracking information you need. By delivering real-time tracking information, our website gives you the ability to provide your customers with the most reliable, up-to-date information possible.

Online Order Entry

Orders can be processed quickly and efficiently through our online order entry system integrated into the website/app. We have built system interfaces that span data exchange methodologies, including via email, spreadsheet, EDI and XML. When you have successfully entered an order online you will receive e-mail confirmation verifying your order(s).

My Watch List

View the status and exact location of each of your customers orders. You can also create your own personal Watch List, which is ideal for tracking VIP orders. The Watch List enables you to react to any potential issues before they become problems- like if we are unable to contact the consignee to set a delivery, delays in shipping, etc.

Transit Reports 

Customize and generate transit reports daily, weekly and/or monthly giving you added control and visibility of your shipments, and ensure efficiency

Quick Search

Quickly locate an order by a variety of options, such as the Bill of Lading number, Order number, Purchase Order number, etc. If you prefer to search by a certain number, we can set it so that is your primary search number.

Submit a Claim Online

Our online submissions allows you to process a claim without tedious paperwork and for it to reach our claims processor in minimal time.

Mobile Devices

Our deployment of Windows-based mobile devices not only enhances real-time tracking capabilities, but with a simple scan of a bar-code efficiency in increased in receiving freight, warehousing, and asset recovery. OS&D information can also be captured on the spot.

Delivery teams are equipped with a special portal on their mobile app to thoroughly provide real-time tracking of their shipments.

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